FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between hotel and local lodging options?

Hotel: 3-4 people/room, a/c, bathrooms in every room, close to ministry site.

Local Lodging: Sleep in a church, school or community center. No a/c. Stay in the community where you are serving, showers and running water restrooms usually available. Bring your own air mattress, pillow. This option is less expensive than the hotel option.

What are your minimum and maximum group sizes?

Our minimum group size is 8 people and we have no maximum. Every year we host groups of 50+ people.

What are the mission trip prices?

We charge per/person/day at choices of $120/$130/$150/$160/$180 per person/day depending on the trip options you select. Our trip details are available on our trip prices page.

Tell me more about church partnerships in Belize

Each group attending one of our mission trips is partnered with a local Belizean Church. We believe that the local church is God’s Biblical design and we want to encourage the local churches. We also partner with local churches so they can follow-up on ministry that has been started during your mission trip. We gather the information on the trip you desire.

Your particular local church partner will depend on a variety of factors including your accommodations, the ministries you select, the goals for your trip, and denomination. We pray over who to partner with while taking these factors into consideration and then let you know our partnership suggestion. If it ends up not seeming right, we can come up with other options.

Is Belize safe?

Yes! We have never had a safety incident with one of our team members.

Please see our Safety page for more information on the safety of our trips.

What denominations do you work with?

We work every year with a wide variety of denominations in the United States and partner groups up with churches whom they are comfortable working in Belize.

Please see our Statement of Faith for more details.

What is your average trip length?

Our average trip length is 7 or 8 days. But each group may choose their desired trip length and the exact dates for their trip. Last year we had trips of 6 days up to 2 weeks in length. We are here to accommodate your schedule.

What medication and shots are needed?

We ask that each person visit their own doctor or travel nurse to see what is needed to stay up to date. We have a list of recommended medications for those traveling to Belize in our trip handbook, but nothing is required by Thirst Missions. Generally Belize is a very safe and healthy country to visit.

What travel documents are required to enter Belize?

Each person needs a valid passport, but no entry visa is required for citizens of the USA or Canada. Anyone under 18 years of age needs to have a notarized permission form signed by both parents to leave the USA or Canada and be permitted into Belize.

Is airfare included in the trip cost?

No, but the cost/person/day is all inclusive from arrival in Belize until departure from Belize. Airfares vary too greatly to include in the trip cost. We partner with MKI Group Travel and highly recommend them as they can find and secure excellent prices, reserve flights with a small amount down, and they are extremely helpful if you need logistical support while traveling. For rates and inquiries contact Mike Snyder at [email protected]

Can I make contact with loved ones back home while on my trip?

Only the group leader is typically allowed to call back home. Our philosophy is no news is good news. We provide the group leader unlimited calling from our staff members cell phones and internet access when needed to contact people back home, check in, and send trip updates. In the case of emergencies however, we have open and direct lines of immediate communication on every trip.

I have special dietary needs, can these needs be met?

Yes! We will do our very best to meet the dietary needs or any other special needs of anyone attending our trips. Just communicate these needs ahead of time on your registration form.

Can I upgrade my hotel to 2 people/room or private rooms?

Yes, as long as the hotel has space. There will be an additional charge for the extra rooms needed.

Is the $400 Registration Fee deducted from my final payment?

No, this is a registration fee to guarantee and reserve your trip that is paid in addition to the per person cost for every group.

How do I select the ministries we desire?

Each group leader will have a Missions Consultant on the Thirst Missions staff assigned to them. All group leaders will have 3 scheduled consultation conference calls to discuss various areas of their trip. Any other time, group leaders may feel free to call their Missions Consultant with other questions that may arise.

What can I expect for our group’s transportation?

Most of our transportation during the week will be via bus. We will be chauffeured around in a bus as we drive to church, ministry sites, to our recreational activities, etc. We will also do a fair amount of walking during the trip, so bring good walking shoes. We do have a smaller vehicle that we also drive everywhere for those who are not up to walking or need a break to get in air conditioning. Just let us know, we’re here to serve you!

Are ministry materials provided?

Except in the case of the “Red Package” ministry materials are not included in the price of the trip. Each group chooses the ministries they would like to lead while in Belize and then brings appropriate materials and plans to carry out those ministries. Thirst Missions provides the ministry location, promotion prior to the trip, and any necessary local provisions. Most ministries require little in the way of materials. You can ask your missions consultant about suggestions for materials and ministry plans. Examples of ministry materials include VBS curriculum and supplies, sports equipment, and Bibles. More details on our trip packages here.

Are construction supplies included in the cost of the trip?

No, a donation for materials needs to be given from the group prior to the trip. Your Missions Consultant will provide some project and cost options and as much or as little as a group feels comfortable donating for construction or service project supplies will be a blessing. All the money for supplies will be used to purchase materials and the materials will be onsite when the group arrives to work.

What additional costs are there?

The only things you will need money for on the trip are souvenirs, offerings in church, extra snacks or desserts, and travel money for meals at the airports in North America and Belize. That’s it. Feel free to bring a credit card if you feel you will want to purchase more expensive souvenirs. Most tourist and souvenir shops accept credit cards. Incidentally, you can use American dollars everywhere in Belize. There will be little need to exchange money on your mission trip.

How do we pay for Recreation?

Payment and reservations for recreation on Mainland Belize and Caye Caulker are made on the final invoice and not paid for or reserved in Belize.

What can you tell us about the food provided?

The cuisine is usually one of the highlights for our participants. We strive to provide a wide variety of options that will nourish and sustain all participants. We try to provide a good mix of Belizean food and American food to appease all participants. Breakfast is usually served at the place where you are staying.

Some examples of breakfast food include eggs, toast, fruit, fry jacks, johnny cakes, pancakes, coffee, tea, juice and water. Lunch is usually provided by local women at the ministry site. Chicken, rice, coleslaw, beans, and juice is one example of a typical meal you can expect. Fish, pork, hamburgers, and sandwiches are all other lunch staples which may be served to you while on the mission trip.

Supper could include such things as burritos, pizza, Chinese food, chicken, seafood, spaghetti, beef, and pork. Don’t worry-we won’t eat all these foods at one meal All your food and water are provided as part of your trip. If you wish to bring a few non-perishable snacks for yourself in your suitcase you are welcome to do that. Just remember to put them in zip lock bags to keep any critters away and to keep things fresh.

Can I stay in Contact with people I meet once I return home?

Yes! Please stay in contact with the new friends you have met in Belize. Facebook, email, and Skype are great ways to stay connected.

What are some Outreach Ministry Ideas?

Volleyball, Movie Nights, Hot Dog Roast, Worship Celebration, Puppet Ministry…to name a few. Whatever you come come up with, let’s do!

Check out our blog for more outreach ideas.

Gloriceli Cawich – Thirst Missions Trip Leader

Don’t go into your trip expecting or assuming anything. Just open your heart to God and let him do the rest.

Josie, Willowbrook Church