Ministry Options


Ministry Options

Each group can choose 4-8 of the following ministries:

Children’s Ministry Vacation Bible School or kids club
*Service Projects Construction, repair work, painting, clean-up work
Church Ministry Attend, participate, or lead church and/or Sunday school
Sports Ministry Soccer, football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, etc.
Spanish Ministry Although the official language of Belize is English, we would be glad to partner you with Spanish-speaking churches and villages
Outreach Nights Game nights, concerts, youth night, family night, love feasts
Home Ministry Provide blessings to individual families. This could include service projects, clean-up, Bible studies, and anything that helps to build cross-cultural friendships and relationships
Prayer Ministry Prayer walking or prayer meetings
School Ministry Observe classes, lead chapel, participate in recess activities
**Mercy Ministry Senior citizen centers, hospitals, prisons, orphanages, visits to shut-ins
Evangelism Large group gatherings, door-to-door ministry, street ministry
Youth Ministry Lead youth gatherings and provide teaching, worship, fellowship activities
 Adult Ministry Parenting classes, Bible studies, topical studies
Medical and Dental Ministry Teams of licensed medical professionals are needed to provide care in underserved villages throughout Belize.

*Service Projects: If you choose this ministry your chosen donation amount for materials will be added to your final invoice.

**Mercy Ministry: One of our mercy ministry options is to serve alongside Hopewell Children’s Home. For details about what a Thirst Missions trip to Hopewell includes please call 651-464-2212.

Download a copy of our Ministry Options here.


Ministry Options

Jason Pfingsten, Founder and CEO – Describing Ministry Options for your group

The ministry that we did was surpassed by the blessings and ministry that God poured back into us. Partnering with these pastors and churches was truly that: partnering. We received so much from them and we were very blessed.


Thirst Missions is a great ministry to partner with because of their passion to serve the Belizean community.

Rainey, Evangel Church