Payment Schedule

Payment Schedule

We request that payments be made via church/organization virtual check at

Payment Milestones Percentage Payment
With Registration: $400 Group Registration Fee – Click here
First Payment: $50/person Due 1 month after registration – Click here
Second Payment: 50% of remaining balance Due 2 months after registration – Click here
Final Payment: Full balance Due 2 months before trip – Click here

All Trips:

  • All payments are non-refundable.
  • 2nd and Final Payments are transferable to another trip.
  • Late payments will be subject to a 5% late payment fee.
  • Arrival and departure days count in the tally of total days.
  • The $400 group registration fee is in addition to the per/person/day price.
  • For trips with hotel/guest house stays, there will be 4 people to a room, usually in 2 double beds. If you would like to add a room it is an additional $80/night/room, and dependent on availability.

Custom Trips to Alaska & Belize:

  • Adjustments in group numbers and specific people attending may be made up to 2 months prior to the trip, at which time the group number and specific participants are locked in.
  • If construction projects are chosen as a ministry option, the donation amount for materials will be included in the final payment as well as any recreation options that are chosen. Please finalize construction donations and rec. options prior to the final payment date.
  • Belize only: If you choose to serve for 1 day at a children’s home, a flat fee of $100/person will be added to your invoice to cover material costs and entrance fees into the children’s home. If you choose to serve for 2 + days at a children’s home a flat fee of $200/person will be added to your invoice to cover material costs, entrance fees, and background check fees.

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Cancellation Policy Explained
On all of our trips the Group Deposit and First Payment are non-refundable. 2nd and Final payments are non-refundable, but transferable to another trip. It is our goal to keep our mission trip prices low, while allowing for the highest possible quality trips.

Our trip expenses for staff, ministry materials, food, lodging, transportation, and recreation over the course of your trip only represent a portion of the cost to provide a quality mission trip. Substantial expenses are incurred prior to participants arriving on site. These include creating and sending manuals, brochures, and other written materials, recruiting and training staff, creating each trip itinerary, lining up ministries, consulting with each group leader, securing lodging and recreation, arranging safe, reliable transportation, planning and following up on each trip with a church partner, numerous visits to our ministry locations, and administering the business operations. These expenses and many more are a necessary part of putting together a complete mission experience.

In addition, cancellations have a significantly negative effect beyond the financial impact. First and foremost, it adversely affects our commitments to and relationships with staff members who lose work and a ministry opportunity, as well as pastors, churches, schools, and communities who were counting on the trip taking place. They lose the blessing and benefits of a trip when it’s canceled. In addition, when we receive a late notice of cancellation there usually isn’t time for another group to register in their place and serve in their location.

As such, Thirst Missions assumes no liability in the event a mission trip is relocated, rescheduled, postponed or cancelled due to an unforeseen occurrence, or any other event that would prohibit a successful mission trip. These events include but are not limited to: a natural disaster, extreme weather, fire, government restrictions and/or regulations, war, act of terrorism, curtailment of transportation facilities or utilities, epidemic, or any other emergency.

If it is necessary for Thirst Missions to close a mission trip or week due to insufficient registration, groups may transfer to another site or trip if space is available. If transferring trips or sites is not an option for the group, a full refund will be given.

Thank you for your understanding and for your commitment to ministry. May God be glorified through each participant and every mission trip.

"God unlocked a passion in my soul through Belize. This mission’s trip was a dream come true and I would not trade it for anything."

Jami, Willowbrook Church