FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What are lodging Options?

We use a variety of guest houses. You can expect 3-4 people per room with plenty of bathrooms and showers. Housing will be central to ministry sites.

What are the maximum and minimum group sizes?

The minimum size to sign up is ten.

What are the mission trip prices?

  • Trip cost is based off of an 8 day/7 night trip, with lodging at a guest house or hotel.
  • Trip cost for groups of 10 – 19 is $2,000/person. Trip cost for groups of 20+ is $1,750/person.
  • Airfare is not included in trip cost.
  • Additional days are available for $200/person/day.

Tell me more about the church partnerships in England

Each group traveling to England with Thirst Missions will be partnered with a local church. We believe the local church is God’s biblical design and want each team to be an encouragement to the church partner. Our church partners are small but healthy churches doing God’s work in difficult conditions.

Based on the ministries you select, your overall trip goals, and your denomination we’ll match you with an English church partner. We will also be partnering with local ministries that serve the homeless and refugee populations.

Is England safe?

Yes! When we use basic travel precautions, England is a very safe place to visit and minister. We will always be near to excellent medical help, and our trip leaders have great local knowledge. Safety is our #1 priority on all our trips.

Please see our Safety page for more information on the safety of our trips.

What denominations do you work with?

Every year we work with a wide variety of denominations from teams in the US and Canada and our base of church partners in England is varied as well. We strive to match the team with an appropriate church partner. All churches are vetted ahead of time and sign a statement of faith.

What is the trip length?

Trips to England are 8 days/7 nights. You may add additional days.

Do I need to take any medical precautions?

No special precautions need to be taken in the form of immunizations or prescriptions. You may want to consider travel insurance however healthcare is mainly provided by England’s public health service.

What travel documents do I need?

Each person needs a valid passport, but no entry visa is required for citizens of the USA or Canada. Anyone under 18 years of age needs to have a notarized permission form signed by both parents to leave the USA or Canada and be permitted into England.

Is airfare included in the trip cost?

No, but the cost per person/day is all-inclusive from the time you arrive in England until you depart. We partner with MKI Group Travel and highly recommend them as they can find and secure excellent prices, reserve flights with a small amount down, and they are extremely helpful if you need logistical support while traveling. For rates and inquiries contact Mike Snyder at [email protected].

Can I make contact with my loved ones while on my trip?

We strongly recommend that calls home be placed only in case of emergency. Regular social media updates will keep loved ones back home apprised of the team’s activities, and the choice not to call home helps mission team members focus on the ministry and absorbing everything they can from their experience.

I have special dietary needs. Can these be met?

Yes! We will do our very best to meet the dietary needs or any other special needs of anyone attending our trips. Just communicate these needs ahead of time on your registration form.

Is the $400 registration fee deducted from my final payment?

No, this is a registration fee to guarantee and reserve your trip that is paid in addition to the per person cost for every group.

How do I select the ministries we will do?

Each group leader will have a missions consultant from Thirst Missions assigned who will go through ministry opportunities in detail. All group leaders have 3 scheduled conference calls to discuss the trip and are welcome to contact their trip consultants about any other questions that arise.

What can I expect for our team’s transportation?

Pick up and drop off from the airport will be done using a rental bus. The rest of the week we will use the underground subway/tube and bus system. We will also do some walking so bring good walking shoes.

Are ministry materials provided?

Most ministry materials will be provided but you can bring some as well. Examples would be curriculum for VBS, sports equipment for sports outreach, and so on. English churches will have some resources that the group can use on a case-by-case basis. Most ministries require little in the way of materials. You can ask your missions consultant about suggestions for materials and ministry plans. Examples of ministry materials include VBS curriculum and supplies, sports equipment, and Bibles.

Are there any additional costs?

The only things you’ll need money for are souvenirs, church offerings, extra snacks, and money for meals at the airport. If you wish to do the additional recreation activities beyond what is provided you will need to cover the additional coast.

How do we pay for recreation?

The half day at Westminster and the bus/boat tour are included in your trip cost. If you would like to add additional recreation options that should be paid for with your final payment (two months before your mission trip).

Can you tell us about the food provided?

The food provided will, for the most part, be food Americans and Canadians are quite familiar with. We’ll have healthy breakfasts provided in the guest house, lunch most days will be a bagged lunch on the go, and dinners will be hearty meals served at the guest house, at the church, or at a local restaurant.

Can I stay in contact with people once I return home?

Yes! Please stay in contact with your new friends in England. Facebook is a great way to do so, skype, or just calls or texts.

What are some outreach ministry ideas?

Movie nights, worship celebrations, community meals, or sports tournaments are good outreaches. If you have good outreach ideas we are certainly happy to help you make them a reality! Check out our blog for more outreach ideas.