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0on Facebook,Jan 02, 2019


the love of God is shared in a palbable way, to reach the young, the old and all who most need it. Thirst Missions is really the hands and the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ here in earth.

5on Google,Nov 14, 2018


The best mission trips I have waver led or experienced. And I have been on many trips!

0on Facebook,Oct 18, 2018


Thirst does an amazing job of coordinating all of the site-specific aspects of your missions trip. It was so nice to only have to deal with fundraising here and get us down there! Their partnership with local organizations is invaluable as well. I can’t recommend them any more highly!

0on Facebook,Oct 18, 2018


Our team (consisting of teens and adults) had an AWESOME experience working with Thirst Missions in Wharton, TX, this past June. I would highly recommend their organization — their hearts for the people we served, plus the interaction and attentiveness to each of our team members was top-notch! Wonderful opportunity to help and serve flood victims there in Texas, many forever-memories were made.

0on Facebook,Oct 13, 2018


Our team had a spirit filled week in Alaska and God blessed us immensely. Natalie was such an amazing leader! I highly recommend this trip with Thirst.

0on BirdEye,Oct 12, 2018


Our Mission trip to Copper Bank Belize this summer was absolutely wonderful. We had great leaders. Perla and Glorie were the best!!!! They were not only great leaders but also great friends. I can not wait until we return again!! They made sure all of our needs were met and made sure we had everything that we needed.

0on BirdEye,Oct 10, 2018


You exceeded my expectations, I just don’t post on Facebook, etc. This was my first mission trip, traveling to Belize with the Met Church earlier this year. The trip was amazing. I loved the people I met at the church where we served, Pastor and Angie were wonderful and filled with love for Jesus. The activities at the church and neighborhood were amazing also. Our tour guide and driver were awesome. The food was great, extra tour to the ruins and beach were great. Don’t know how anything could have been improved. Thank you for a memorable experience.

0on BirdEye,Oct 09, 2018


Working with thirst missions was amazing. We had some incredible guides that would do anything to keep us safe and keep us moving closer to God. Their enthusiasm was contagious and help me get through the heat and the hard work. We all loved working together, hanging out, and sharing God’s word with the kids and their families. Everyone was upset to leave but I wasn’t. I knew that I would go there again.

0on Facebook,Oct 09, 2018


Been to Belize (Trinidad Village) on 2 Thirst Mission trips. They do an outstanding job with all aspects of the trip: pre trip planning, time in Belize, and post trip follow up. In a word: OUTSTANDING!

5on Google,Oct 09, 2018


It's great to work with an organization that takes care of housing, transportation, and ministry. I keep using them every year

5on Google,Oct 09, 2018


I was blessed to be a part of the Belize thirst mission. I learned so much and created life lasting connections. Thanks you so much.

5on Google,Oct 08, 2018


We loved using Thirst Missions for our church mission trip to Belize. We took 23 people 10 youth and 13 adults. They were so organized in the states and in Belize. I cannot say enough good things about our experience!

5on Google,Oct 07, 2018


They did a great job! The staff was amazing. The accommodations were clean and nice and the food was very good. They were all so knowledgeable and patient and kind. I would definitely go on another trip with Thirst Missions.

0on BirdEye,Oct 07, 2018


Had a wonderful time in Alaska! Thanks!

0on BirdEye,Oct 07, 2018


I was a wonderful experience. The Thirst Team did a great job of coordinating the trip and tending to all the details. They also served along with us.

5on Google,Oct 06, 2018


I had an amazing experience with Thirst Missions, the leaders were very informative and welcoming. I will never forget my time with them!!

5on Google,Oct 05, 2018


I was able to go with Thirst Missions to London!! It was an amazing experience and Thirst was very prepared for any bumps that came up. Our trip leader, Ashley, was AMAZING and was always ready for anything that was thrown at her. I would not have changed anything, Thirst you are truly a gift from God!

5on Google,Oct 03, 2018


Thirst has been such a blessing in my life. As an employee, I've been provided opportunities to do ministry like no other. Not only that, the respect and family atmosphere makes for a close knit group of individuals working to create effective ministry through these trips. I would not be where I am today without the confidence and support Jason and Addie Pfingston have provided me. They understand ministry, but they also understand how hard it is to run an organization like this. I'm proud to be here!

5on Google,Oct 03, 2018


I had a EXCELLENT experience through Thirst Missions! Incredible leadership, great facilities, and even accidentally met the founder while on the trip! Tme well spent! Would definitely go on another trip with Thirst!