Philosophy of Missions


Philosophy of Missions

Philosophy of MissionsWhen your group attends a mission trip with Thirst Missions, you aren’t just going on another mission trip. You will be partnering with a local church and pastor who are looking for a mission team with your chosen ministries to serve alongside.

You choose the ministries from our menu of 14+ available options here, and we place your group in partnership with a community, church, and pastor who have identified these ministries as needs they have.

Belize QuoteYou most likely will be the only mission team to partner with this church and pastor during the year you serve and beyond. Your group will be a huge support to the pastor and an encouragement to the congregation you serve alongside. Our trips are about quality over quantity. Quality of ministry, quality of relationships, and quality of congregations and pastors you will be partnering with. These are real pastors on the frontlines in a third-world country making a real difference for Jesus Christ. They need your encouragement desperately, and you will be serving alongside a local congregation and in a community with real needs. We have amazing pastors asking for teams to partner with them and would feel so blessed to work with you in ministry. Once these congregations find out you will be coming, they spend months praying for the trip and preparing for your group to arrive. It is a huge deal for them. What a blessing to experience the world-wide body of Christ!

It is our prayer that all will be blessed through the friendships and partnerships made through ministry on your Thirst Missions trip.

Once your mission trip has concluded, our staff members will be following up with the pastor and congregations you have been partnered with. We check in to see how they are doing, encourage them to follow-through with potential new members who came to the church during your trip, and work with them to develop ministry plans and ideas based on things they learned and experienced during your mission trip. We feel it is vital to follow-up and stay in touch with the church and pastor. This is an area that is severely neglected during most other mission organizations trips and is one key to sustaining long-term growth from your mission experience. You will also have the opportunity to encourage the church you partner with once you return home. From letters, email, Facebook, texting and exchanging resources, the relationships that are developed in Belize, Alaska, and England can turn into life-long relationships and fellowship with believers around the world.Philosophy of Missions

Long-term Partnerships in Belize

One aspect to keep in mind for the future is that we have experience with churches from North America developing long-term partnerships with congregations in Belize. Some churches have gone back for 9+ years straight to the same village, worked with the same pastor, and invested in their partner church. Thirst Missions is excited to be a part of lining up and following through on these long-term partnerships. If this type of longer-term ministry is part of your philosophy of ministry, we would love to work with you to partner long-term or short-term in ministry to the same community and congregation in Belize.



Our Philosophy of Missions

Top notch mission organization! We were able to hit the ground running because of Thirst Missions efforts to deliver a turnkey experience. The best mission trip that I have ever experienced, hands down!

Shane, First Baptist Church, Covington