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0on Facebook,Oct 18, 2018


Our team (consisting of teens and adults) had an AWESOME experience working with Thirst Missions in Wharton, TX, this past June. I would highly recommend their organization — their hearts for the people we served, plus the interaction and attentiveness to each of our team members was top-notch! Wonderful opportunity to help and serve flood victims there in Texas, many forever-memories were made.

5on Google,Dec 19, 2017


I traveled with our church's youth group to Alaska this summer, 2017, through Thirst Missions. I can't rave enough about the experience I had. Thirst was accommodating in every single area and then some. Our group meshed so well with everyone on the Thirst team. I would not think twice if another opportunity came for me to be a part of this amazing team. Thank you!!

5on Google,Oct 12, 2017


We had a very positive experience with Thirst Missions. We are a small church in Alaska and could not have done VBS without them. Because of their ministry we were able to have 23 kids learn about the Lord. Their mission team also did some much needed repairs to our building. Speaking from experience, we are excited about having them come back next year.

5on BirdEye,Sep 28, 2018


The two mission trips that I lead my church to take through Thirst Missions were the greatest ones of my entire ministry career. Thirst Missions delivered on all their promises and I was able to see my peoples lives and walk with Christ change. Thank you Thirst Missions!

5on Facebook,Sep 28, 2018


Thirst has been such a blessing in my life. As an employee, I've been provided opportunities to do ministry like no other. Not only that, the respect and family atmosphere makes for a close knit group of individuals working to create effective ministry through these trips. I would not be where I am today without the confidence and support Jason and Addie Pfingston have provided me. They understand ministry, but they also understand how hard it is to run an organization like this. I'm proud to be here!

5on Google,Aug 13, 2022


Joe, Kassidy, and Lydia made this experience amazing! Along with a great pastor JR! Thank you so much for an amazing experience and time!

5on Google,Aug 10, 2022


My recent mission trip to Alaska with Thirst Missions was life changing. It was very well organized and Jack was a great leader who kept us all on task. The beauty and majestic scenery in Alaska was a bonus! Would highly recommend and I hope that I have an opportunity to return.

0on Facebook,Aug 08, 2022


Our leaders Luda & Heather were amazing. They displayed the love of God and people, and were very encouraging. They made sure we had everything we needed and more, it would be an honor to work with them again. Thank you Thirst Missions for this great opportunity.

5on Google,Aug 08, 2022


Luda and Heather were amazing. They really took care of our team.

5on Google,Aug 08, 2022


Awesome time Luda and Heather was amazing.

5on Google,Aug 05, 2022


Excellent experience for my 15 year old. Would highly recommend

5on Google,Aug 03, 2022


Absolutely loved it!! Great people and community!

5on Google,Aug 03, 2022


When my son came home from being in Kentucky he stated, "Mom I learned that God's loves come to me through giving to others." "Without giving to others I would not know God's love." As a parent I could not be more thankful to Thirst Mission and the work they do for our nation and our world.

5on Google,Aug 03, 2022


Our trip was absolutely amazing in Belize. Our Thirst leaders were incredible and were quick to make a plan if needed.

5on Google,Jul 31, 2022


The team leaders (Joe, Kristi, and Marie) in Alaska were prepared, yet flexible. They were fun, yet serious when needed. It was obvious that they love the Lord. We served in a variety of ministries which allowed team members to have different experiences, giving them a choice in what they did. The recreation times allowed us to experience the beauty of Alaska and a deeper appreciation for God’s creation.

5on Google,Jul 31, 2022


Unbelievable experience. Heather and Luda were amazing throughout our trip. Alaska was phenomenal and would definitely recommend Thirst Missions again.

5on Google,Jul 31, 2022


The Thirst Missions team of Joe, Kristi and Marie were simply awesome. Joe's energy keeps the st missionaries moving and having fun. They were focused on our group needs. Highly recommend you utilize.

5on Google,Jul 30, 2022


We loved every bit of working with Thirst Missions and their team as we served in Alaska! Our group leader and his assistants did a great job of being organized, keeping us on schedule, and providing anything we needed. I would say to anyone looking for a missions opportunity to look at partnering with Thirst!

5on Google,Jul 30, 2022


The team was very organized. Prompt schedule. Team leaders became new friends. Clearly had a heart for missions. No issues. Definitely recommend!

5on Google,Jul 27, 2022


I loved partnering with Thirst Missions! Their love for God is evident in all they do, thank you so much!