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5on Google,Aug 30, 2019


Our group had a wonderful week spent with Rios de Aqua Viva Church. We couldn’t ask for a better church to serve with during our mission trip. Glory and Danny was an excellent leader. Everything was well organized and they made us do things outside of our comfort zone which was the push we needed for our first mission trip.

5on Google,Aug 26, 2019


Completely life changing, super organized. Won't give a single memory of our trip up for any sum of money. Absolutely one of the best experiences of my life. Would rate a million out of 5 stars if possible.

0on Facebook,Aug 25, 2019


Our trip leaders, Glorie and Danny, were not only fantastic leaders, they became our new family as well. The church that we were paired with opened their lives to us, taught us many lessons, fed and fed and fed us, shared countless laughs with us, and will forever hold a very special place in our lives. We will definitely be keeping in contact with them. Thirst has a good balance between providing organizational support and the heart for missions. They were more than willing to help every step of the way and even more. I highly recommend this organization for any church group who wants to partake in missions!

3on Google,Aug 14, 2019


This was my first mission trip and there were a lot of highs and lows, I felt that the accommodations and the food preparation should of been better as my son is allergic to nuts. I think that the guides should of been more attentive to our needs as we were left on our own for most of the work days. I was glad for the opportunity to serve and would definitely do it again.

5on Google,Aug 14, 2019


This was my first mission trip with Thirst Missions. The support staff was amazing.

5on Google,Aug 13, 2019


Great leadership, well organized and most importantly, mission was kept Christ based.

5on Google,Aug 13, 2019


Emily, Erica, Jeschell, and Ellianne were rockstars! They were prepared, flexible, fun, and always ready to help!

0on Facebook,Aug 12, 2019

Michelle Wells

Our team leaders were very attentive and patient. They answered all our questions (and we had a lot!) with kindness and and honesty. Many of our group had never been on a mission trip before, and I feel strongly that we would definitely do another mission trip through Thirst Missions due to the success of this trip. Both Natalie and Haley were excellent leaders with a Christ-like heart!

0on Facebook,Aug 11, 2019

Lynn Cox

Thirst Missions partners with local churches so that the seeds and relationships that are planted are nurtured and are able to grow long after a short term mission has been completed.

5on Google,Aug 11, 2019


Loved our trip in Alaska! Our Thirst leader was wonderful and the trip was a wonderful experience for our team. There are some amazing ministries doing wonderful work that we were able to support while exploring some the the beauty of Alaska.

5on Google,Aug 10, 2019

Ryan H Apps

I went to Puerto Rico on a mission trip for the first time out of the 48 Mainland states, and it was absolutely amazing! The staff were wonderful and everything was so we'll planned! We did 4 days of missions and gave us a day where we went to a river to swim and then to a beach on the ocean. As I am writing this we are on our way to old San Juan to explore, then to the airport on our way home. Absolutely loved this trip and will totally come again!

5on Google,Aug 09, 2019


Great Organization doing great work. We spent 5 days with them roofing houses in Puerto Rico. The hurricane happened almost 2 years ago and so many people still need help.

0on Facebook,Aug 07, 2019


there were so many blessings. the thirst group were so open to listen and share they were connected with the people and places where we were serving. I enjoyed every bit of the experience and am anxiously awaiting the next opportunity to serve with thirst. thank you

0on Facebook,Aug 06, 2019


God is a priority Dependable Regina, our leader, is fantastic to work with

5on Google,Aug 06, 2019


Thirst Missions helped us TREMENDOUSLY during our time in Belize. They were so accommodating and walk the walk. Thank you for your service and love for Jesus!

5on Google,Aug 05, 2019


I've been on 2 thirst mission trips now and both have been well structured and organized. My previous trip has been even better than the one before with 3 amazing leaders and an organized working schedule that helped us get a lot done.