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0on Facebook,Jul 16, 2019


Its a life changing experience everyone should experience

5on Google,Jul 14, 2019


Eric,Megan and Stephanie made our mission trip a truly Holy Spirit filled week. Everyone came away changed, we had a large group “25” of mixed ages. Looking forward to see the changes in their lives as we move forward!,

4on Google,Jul 13, 2019


We had a wonderful experience with Thirst Missions, especially our mission leaders-Glory and Danny. They were extremely happy and helpful all week. They never had a negative word about anyone or anything that we did, although I know there probably were things that we asked them to do that they didn't want to do, like taking us to get ice cream, walk to the town shopping area... The only one request that I have is that Thirst Missions should provide Glory with a vehicle to transport us. We had to stay in cabins a few miles away from the church and the town. Therefore, Glory had to carry us back and forth. It took her two trips to get us to the cabins. So, the second group of riders would have to wait about 20 minutes for Glory to drop off a load and come back. I feel that Glory should not have been expected to do that. Thirst Missions should provide her with a vehicle large enough to carry all participants. Again, SHE did not complain, although that took a lot more of her time. I love Glory and Danny, and the people of Belize! They were such a blessing to me and our mission team. Thank you for being in the business of sharing the gospel to all of the world.

0on Facebook,Jul 13, 2019


Erica, Perla and Elizabeth were the best host. The people’s homes and property we worked at were really in need of help. Thirst Missions did an amazing job finding the right people most in need and helping them first. I definitely felt that God led us on the right mission trip this year. Thank you Thirst Missions Bobby G

0on Facebook,Jul 13, 2019


This was the best mission trip ever! They have a servant’s heart and were so flexible with our large group of 30. Many unique ways to serve others as well as the Lord. I would definitely recommend them!

5on Google,Jul 13, 2019


Our team had an incredible trip! We were teamed up with another team and by the end of the week we felt like we had always known each other. Our thirst team leader and the assistant leaders were champions. They led us with patience and grace, and put us at ease so we never had to worry about logistics. Thank you so much Ramon, Regina, and Merrieli! We would be happy to come back!

0on Facebook,Jul 13, 2019


Thirst Missions has been wonderful from the booking and planning all the way through our week in Puerto Rico. All our kids have said it was the best trip they have ever been on. Thirst Mission was a God send!

0on Facebook,Jul 12, 2019

Danielle O'Brien

This was the most amazing group to work with! They have a heart for serving and loving their neighbors. Because of their dedication and love for the Lord we are ready to come back and work with them again!

5on Google,Jul 08, 2019


Great relationships built with both the locals in the community and the thirst leaders!

5on Google,Jul 08, 2019


We were so blessed to work under Emily’s guidance. She and the other Thirst leaders were amazing. They clearly love the Lord as seen in their selfless service and love for the people of Puerto Rico. We worked on several different projects and saw how it truly impacted the people. The Blessing Bags experience was such an eye opener to interact with the people of Puerto Rico. You would never dream this is the first year Thirst has been in PR. They have clearly worked hard to make great contacts and make the most of every moment the teams are on the ground.

0on Facebook,Jul 07, 2019

Kathy Myers Yoder

It was a well planned trip. It was coordinated ahead of time. We had two leaders and a bus driver who were knowledgeable of the place and people we served. They stayed with us in each situation making sure we were safe and not lost on our own. We told Thirst activities we wanted/we're equipped to do, they set it up, coordinating with the church. The team books helped us understand the country and people better. I apprecited the packing list and other info it gave. I could tell the trip was prayed over often, not just from our end, but from the Thrust Missions team too.

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Thirst went above and beyond to just really make our trip incredible, and it was. We worked with Allen, Leah, and Jennifer, and they did everything, from going into the city early to save us enough seats for fireworks to driving us back to the YMCA when we forgot our shower stuff. These people are incredible, and I couldn't have asked for a better trip.

5on Google,Jul 06, 2019


thirst missions was amazing the staff were amazing people and i had an amazing life changing experience

5on Google,Jul 06, 2019


it was an amazing time getting to know and pray for the people in Puerto Rico