Flight and Airport Information


Alaska/Anchorage (ANC)

Belize/Belize City (BZE)

Puerto Rico/San Juan (SJU)

Alaska & Belize

All Alaska and Belize trips may book their flights for anytime of the day or night on the scheduled days of arrival and departure.

*Please note that we highly recommend not arriving later than 7:00pm. There are plenty of ministry, meetings, in location travel, meals, and lodging to arrange and get set during your arrival day.

Puerto Rico 

Private Trips: May arrive and depart anytime during the scheduled arrival and departure days.

*See above

*Any flight arrival, departure, or pickup times for standard trips outside of the normally scheduled times listed above must be approved by your trip consultant and will be charged a $25/person/instance convenience fee.

**Arrival and Departure days are included in your per day trip cost.  Please choose the airline, schedule, and arrival times which best meet your budget while allowing your group to arrive and depart according to your trip schedule.  Your teams per day trip costs include all necessary in-country expenses, including airport transfers, but airfare itself isn’t covered to/from your chosen ministry location.

We have an excellent group travel agent we work with and are glad to give you their contact information if you desire. Please call or email our office for information.

If you have another preferred travel agent feel free to book your flights through that person.  It’s our desire for you to get the best rates, dates, and flight times as possible. Please note that using a travel agent is primarily of value when booking teams of 10+ people.  The travel agent should be able to get you group rates and secure seats and favorable payment terms that you couldn’t get booking on your own.