covid updates

Covid-19 Update

Requirements for 2022 Belize Mission Trip Participants

New Updates as of April 1, 2022:

  • No more Mask mandate!
  • Don’t leave your masks at home because private establishments can still require them.
  • Restaurants are fully reopened.
  • Testing is NOT required for fully vaccinated travelers and children under 5. Boosters NOT required.
  • Unvaccinated travelers ages 5 or older, or those without proof of full vaccination must have a negative test for entry.
  • Departure Testing and Local Travel Insurance are still required.
  • All Curfew restrictions have been lifted.
  • No hotel Booking requirements. You can stay anywhere!
  • All Self Testing Kits are still illegal to bring into the country.

More info here.

Travel FAQs

Is travel insurance required for my team?
Travel insurance is required for teams going to Belize and strongly suggested for teams serving in Alaska and Puerto Rico. It is also offered for teams serving in Appalachia.

How does my team get travel insurance?
Your group leader can find out more from your location consultant, who will let our Finance Director know if you would like to add Travel/Medical Insurance. The team will pay for insurance as part of their final trip payment. Thirst Missions will do the requisite paperwork, then issue the insurance certificate and information.

What is the CDC requiring for air travel?
As of April 20, 2022, Masks are no longer required on planes, trains, subways, buses and taxis.

What are the details on the Covid test for Belize teams?
The test can be a saliva test/“rapid test” or a PCR/nasal swab test. We have a clinic in Belize City that we secure appointments with and can do rapid tests at a cost of
$25-$75/person which can get us results in a timely fashion. More economical and quick options are also available and will be used whenever possible and available.
Everyone was tested on our Belize teams in 2021 and not a single person tested positive for Covid prior to returning to the USA.

What is the forecast for COVID by summertime?
We expect the COVID threat in all our locations to continue to go down by mid to late summer, for the following reasons. As more people get COVID and recover, that helps to build herd immunity. As more vaccinations go out, that will also help the equation. Lockdowns and mask mandates in the locations we serve has kept them from being COVID hotspots, and all of the locations are getting vaccines as well. With each month that goes by in 2022 we expect the situation to improve.

What happens if I get COVID while I am serving?
If you are having symptoms, we will take you to get tested at the participant’s expense. If you have a positive test, travel insurance purchased through Thirst Missions will cover any lodging and medical expenses you may have in all of our locations. (We require travel insurance to Belize, and strongly recommend it for Alaska and Puerto Rico, and it is available for Appalachia.). You’ll need to be quarantined after a positive test for the remainder of your mission trip.

For people/teams serving in Belize, to be cleared to travel after a positive diagnosis, you need to either:
Quarantine for 10 days and have a negative test, OR
Quarantine for 14 days
Travel insurance should cover lodging, food, and transportation to the airport if necessary.

What happens if a minor without either of their parents starts showing symptoms and/or test positive during the trip?
The group leader will be in contact with the parents to decide the next steps, and Thirst Missions will provide support as needed.

What support does Thirst Missions provide to someone who needs to quarantine?
Thirst Missions will help to set up the person with suitable lodging (paid for by participant or covered by travel insurance), access to order food and beverages. Additionally we will be available to help out if the person experiences an issue they need local support with.

What does our travel insurance cover?
Trip interruption (quarantine), trip delay (quarantine), missed connection, baggage and personal effects, accident and sickness medical expense, emergency evacuation.
Assistance services are included.

What is the cost of the travel insurance?
We have recently updated policies to one that will definitely cover COVID expenses without condition, and one that covers all our locations, including domestic. Cost of this policy is $30 per person.

Is it a group or individual policy?
Everyone in the group is covered, and we require the entire team to purchase the policy. I.E. if a group of 20 is going, we need all 20 to carry the policy, not only a few. The entire team gets the policy or not.

What happens if I test positive before I travel?
The participant will get full credit toward a future trip, if a person has been fully vaccinated, provided documentation of the positive test is sent to Thirst Missions no more than 2 weeks after the trip, or if a last-minute replacement can be found that person can use credit. Credit will be issued for the organization to use on a future trip if no replacement person can be found or is chosen to go instead of the original participant.