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Registration Pricing

4-10Group Size

$ 849

Per Participant

11-20Group Size

$ 749

Per Participant

21+Group Size

$ 699

Per Participant

More Info at a Glance

Guatemala Mission trips are available year round in 2025

Additional Rooms for Guesthouse/Hotel Lodging, $120/room/day

Additional Mission Trip Days, $139/person/day

Thirst Missions Transportation Based Upon Airport Arrival Location – Teams will be serving in Northern Guatemala. Teams who fly into Guatemala City (GUA) – $39/person/day  Teams who fly into El Peten (FRS) – $15/person/day

Lodging:Floor Stay (included)

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Early Bird Pricing Now Available Through August 31st

Why Guatemala?

  • You are invited by local pastors to bring a group and partner with their church.  We have numerous pastors awaiting teams to serve alongside them!
  • You’ll make a difference. Guatemala is a country with great spiritual and physical needs. 55% of the population live below the poverty line.
  • Northern Guatemala, in the Petén region, is a safe, poor, beautiful area.  It’s the largest and most northernmost region – where your team will be serving!
  • It’s beautiful! Experience God’s creation in the rainforests, the Mayan Ruins of Tikal, and through the making life-long friendships with people of the small towns and in the local church.
  • Long Term Partnership Opportunities
  • Customizable Trip with 12+ Ministry Options.   Service projects, Home Visits, Handing out blessing bags, Children’s ministry, Sports Ministry, and attending Church, along with multiple outreach and mercy ministry opportunities are just a few of the most needed ministries.
  • Experienced and Professional Staff will guide your trip

What's Included?

Each Mission Trip is 6 days/5 nights.  Additional days may be added as an upgrade, and is encouraged!

Experienced and professional staff members will guide your trip.

Personal Missions Consultant for trip planning.

Location in Guatemala:  We are focused in Northern Guatemala’s El Peten’ region at this time during our inaugural year of ministry there.  Your exact partnership location will be based upon the ministries you choose, as well as the lodging.

Lodging:  You have the option of choosing a Floor Stay, which is included in the per person cost, or upgrade to a Guesthouse/Hotel Stay.  Floor Stays require you to bring your own bedding, towels, and air mattress, and a Guesthouse/Hotel Stay has beds, bedding, and A/C  provided.  Either option is available in Guatemala, and ample showers/bathrooms are available for your team.

On-The-Ground Transportation: There are two options and two different price points  for teams in Guatemala to have us take care of your on-the-ground transportation.  Teams can fly into Guatemala City (GUA) – La Aurora International Airport or much closer to our ministry partners into El Peten’ (FRS) – Mundo Maya International Airport.  From there, you can choose for our staff to pick you up and provide on the ground transportation for an upgraded cost, or there is an option for your team to rent their own vehicles from either airport.  

Meals/Snacks/Water: 3 meals/day plus water, ice and snacks provided.  Breakfast would be served at the lodging location..  Lunch at our ministry sites.  Supper would be prepared by local cooks from the churches we partner with or restaurants in the area.

Ministry Options:  All ministries have the purpose of leading people to Jesus Christ, connecting people to church, and showing His love through service.

Additionally: Posters, glossy flyers, and videos are provided to help promote and communicate about the trip. In addition, a digital participant manual is provided for everyone attending to aid in trip knowledge and preparation. This manual comes complete with a daily devotional and a section dedicated to the re-entry process when the trip concludes.

*Every team member will also receive a Thirst Missions T-Shirt once all members of the trip have submitted their registration forms

Pre-Trip Consultation

Promotional Materials

Promotional Videos

Leader & Participant Manuals (PDF)

Full Hour-by-Hour Trip Itinerary

Alaska Church/Ministry Partner

Experienced Staff to Guide Your Trip

Cultural Orientation & Immersion

Well-Crafted Ministry Options

Worshiping with a Local Church

Service Project Materials


Participant T-Shirt

Devotional Materials

Delicious Meals & Snacks

Purified Drinking Water

Evening Worship Meetings

Final Day Recreation

Long-Term Church Partnership Opportunity

Guatemala Profile

Guatemala  is a new location for Thirst Missions, after many years of hearing the needs in Northern Guatemala from our Belize staff and ministry partners….

Dates: Year Round: January – December 2025 – You choose your dates, minimum of 6 days (travel days included). You can arrive/depart at any time, making the most of the time you have for ministry. 

Trip Cost: Starts at $699/person (6 days/5 nights) with our Early Bird Pricing – a savings of $150/person if you register between June-August 2024.  See website for more details and regular pricing. 

Travel Information:  All participants must have a valid passport to enter Guatemala

Language: Spanish Speaking.

Facts & Figures


Total: 108,889 sq km
Land: 107,159 sq km
Water: 1,730 sq km

Tropical; hot, humid in lowlands; cooler in highlands

Natural Resources
Petroleum, nickel, rare woods, fish, chicle, hydropower

The Maya civilization flourished in Guatemala and surrounding regions during the first millennium A.D. After almost three centuries as a Spanish colony, Guatemala won its independence in 1821. Despite having both eastern and western coastlines (Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean respectively), it has no natural harbors on the west coast.

Chief of State
President Bernardo ARÉVALO de León

Head of Government
President Bernardo ARÉVALO de León

Government Type
Presidential republic

Guatemala City

Unicameral Congress of the Republic or Congreso de la Republica (160 seats)


18 million (2023 est.)

Population Growth
1.54% (2023 est.)

Mestizo (mixed Amerindian-Spanish – in local Spanish called Ladino) 56%, Maya 41.7%, Xinca (Indigenous, non-Maya) 1.8%, African descent 0.2%, Garifuna (mixed West and Central African, Island Carib, and Arawak) 0.1%, foreign 0.2% (2018 est.)


Spanish (official) 69.9%, Maya languages 29.7%, other 0.4% (includes Xinca and Garifuna) (2018 est.)


Roman Catholic 41.7%, Evangelical 38.8%, other 2.7%, atheist 0.1%, none 13.8%, unspecified 2.9% (2018 est.)


Economic Overview
Developing Central American economy; steady economic growth fueled by remittances; high poverty and income inequality; limited government services, lack of employment opportunities, and frequent natural disasters impede human development efforts and drive emigration

GDP (Purchasing Power Parity) $159.0 billion (2022 est.)

GDP per capita (Purchasing Power Parity) $9,200 (2022 est.)

Industries – sugar, textiles and clothing, furniture, chemicals, petroleum, metals, rubber, tourism

Agricultural products – sugar cane, eggs, bananas, oil palm fruit, maize, melons, potatoes, milk, tomatoes, poultry

Exports: $18.1 billion (2022 est.) textiles (knit and non-knit garments), coffee, bananas, palm oil, raw sugar (2022)

Export partners: US 32%, El Salvador 12%, Honduras 10%, Nicaragua 6%, Mexico 4% (2022)

Imports: $33.9 billion (2022 est.)
efined petroleum, video displays, cars, packaged medicines, delivery trucks (2022)

Import partners: US 34%, China 15%, Mexico 9%, El Salvador 4%

Guatemala Overview

Travel Overview

Telephone Code


Local Emergency Phone

Ambulance: 123; Fire: 123; Police: 110


The CDC and WHO recommend the following vaccinations for Guatemala: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, yellow fever, rabies, meningitis, polio, measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis), chickenpox, shingles, pneumonia, influenza, and COVID-19.


Tropical; hot, humid in lowlands; cooler in highlands

Currency (Code)

Quetzales (GTQ)

Electricity/Voltage/Plug Type(s)

120 V / 60 Hz / plug types(s): A, B

Major Languages

Spanish, Maya languages

Major Religions

Roman Catholic, Evangelical, other, atheist

Time Difference

UTC-6 (1 hour behind Washington, DC, during Standard Time)

Potable Water

Opt for bottled water

International Driving Permit

Suggested; additionally, if you plan to drive in Guatemala, you will need an Inter-American Driving Permit issued by the AAA

Road Driving Side


Tourist Destinations

Mayan ruins of Tikal; Antigua Guatemala; Lake Atitlan; Chichicastenango Market; Quetzaltenango; Archaeological Park & Ruins of Quirigua

Major Sports

Soccer, futsal (type of indoor soccer on a hard court)

Cultural Practices

Guatemalans value honesty, family, honor, work, and education. Most Guatemalans are gracious and eager to find humor in most situations.

Tipping Guidelines

Tipping is a question of rewarding good service rather than an obligation. Restaurant bills do not include gratuities so adding 10% is customary. Bellhops and maids expect tips only in the most expensive hotels.


Coffee, Mayan native textiles and jewelry, jade, wood carvings, leather goods, hammocks, baskets, ceramics

Traditional Cuisine

Pepián — a spicy stew made with chicken, beef, or pork and containing both fruit and vegetables and a mix of spices; traditionally served with rice and tortillas or Pupusas (thick corn tortillas stuffed with a variety of fillings including refried beans, cheese, or pork and then fried)


Guatemala by the Numbers

By the Numbers:

18,336,765 – Population of Guatemala

600,000 – Population of Petén Region, where you’ll be serving

2 – Oceans that border Guatemala. The Caribbean Sea (Atlantic Ocean) and the Pacific Ocean

4 – Countries that border Guatemala. Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Belize

600 – Species of Birds

250 – Type of Mammals

33 – Volcanoes (30 are dormant)

3 – Active Volcanoes

340 Meters – Lago De Atitlán is the deepest lake in Central America

800 – Years that it took to develop Tikal

100s – Temples and Pyramids in Tika

1956 – When excavations began on Tikal

30 – Minutes it takes to circle the Island town of Flores by foot

1821 – When Guatemala Gained independence from Spain

Dozens – Churches partnered with Thirst Missions who are awaiting teams to serve

Lodging Options

Floor Stay
Bring your own air mattress and bedding. No A/C


Guesthouse/Hotel Stay
$45/person/day, YES bed, YES bedding, YES A/C

Upgrade Available

Ministry Options

ministry optionService Projects
Service Projects would be a combination of church/school and home projects.   Painting, repair work, cleaning, tiling, and smaller needs based projects would be the main scope of the work opportunities provided.

churchChurch Ministry
Participate in and attend Church services. The group is welcome to have participants prepare to share testimonies, prepare a message and 1 or more people prepare to lead songs in worship if desired.

heartMercy Ministry
Visiting people in hospitals, and old folks homes as well as working in food pantries are examples.

outreachOutreach Ministry
A hot dog roast, volleyball, and a Christian movie with testimonies is a powerful way to reach people in the community.

sportsSports Ministry
Organized football (soccer), basketball, and other games.

childrenSchool Ministry
Visiting classrooms, tutoring, leading games at recess, and sharing in classes are options for school ministry in Guatemala. Guatemalan schools are open year round, with two different times to start, which lends itself to fit perfectly into ministry timeframes for teams.

youthHome Visits
Visit homes that your church partner’s pastor gives recommendations for – those in the congregation and community who could use additional support and encouragement at home. Your Team will have the opportunity to package the food and products and deliver them to individual homes and families in need, as well as pray with and visit people in their homes.

childrenBible Club
Lead Bible Stories, games, crafts and music with local children. This ministry can be as well prepared as desired.

*Choosing this option may incur an additional cost


Final Day

Teams will get to visit and explore the grounds of the Tikal UNESCO World Heritage Site.  They will get to take part in a tour with a tour guide and have lunch provided on the grounds.  Shopping and exploring in Flores will happen after visiting Tikal with dinner in a local restaurant.

recreation in Guatemala
recreation in Guatemala

Sample Itinerary



1. What are the maximum and minimum group sizes?

Our private trips can accommodate groups as small as 4 people and as large as 50+. Reduced pricing applies for groups larger than 10 people.

2. What are the mission trip prices?

Our trip details are available on our registration page.

3. Tell me more about the church partnerships in Guatemala

Each group traveling to Guatemala with Thirst Missions will be partnered with a local church. We believe the local church is God’s biblical design and want each team to be an encouragement to the church partner. Our church partners are small but healthy churches doing God’s work in difficult conditions.

4. Is Guatemala safe?

Yes! We have staff members guiding the trip and are experts when it comes to local knowledge and ministry leadership. Safety is our #1 priority on all trips, and it’s not just lip service, we practice what we preach.

5. What denominations do you work with?

Every year we work with a wide variety of denominations from teams in the US and Canada and our base of church partners in Guatemala is varied as well. We strive to match the team with an appropriate church partner. All churches are vetted ahead of time and sign a statement of faith. Please see our Statement of Faith for more details.

6. What is the trip length?

Our trips are a minimum of six days/five nights, but you are able to add additional days to your trip for an added cost. Travel days are included in the total number of trip days.

7. What travel documents do I need?

If you’re traveling from the United States to Guatemala you will need a valid passport.

8. Is airfare included in the trip cost?

No, but the cost per person/day is all-inclusive from the time you arrive in Guatemala until you depart.

Airfares vary too greatly to include in the trip cost. Each group is responsible for booking their own flights that arrive within a reasonable timeframe so as to be ready at our pickup times and on the exact trips dates registered for. We have a travel agent we work closely with if you’d like help booking your flights.

9. Can I make contact with my loved ones while on my trip?

The ministry and relationships built when putting our personal devices down is eye-opening. Our philosophy is no news is good news. We encourage each group leader to post trip updates and send pictures back home on behalf of each group. In addition we post pictures every day from every trip on our Facebook page at In the case of emergencies we have open and direct lines of immediate communication on every trip.

10. I have special dietary needs. Can these be met?

There is a section on the Individual Registration form each person fills out prior to the trip in which these needs can be listed. We read these over thoroughly and pass them along to our cooks. The food on our trips is plentiful and amazing!

We do our very best to accommodate all diets and diet restrictions, but please realize we are in a different culture without all the options we have back home. Feel free to bring supplemental food options with you if this will ease the anxiety of not knowing if there will be food which fit your tastes or diet.

11. Is the $499 registration fee deducted from my final payment?

No, it’s used right away to offset a small portion of planning and preparing for your group’s trip. Please read through our generous payment policy and cancellation agreement.

12. How do I select the ministries we desire?

Each group leader will have a missions consultant from Thirst Missions assigned who will go through ministry opportunities in detail. All group leaders have scheduled conference calls to discuss the trip and are welcome to contact their trip consultants about any other questions that arise.

13. What about on-location transportation?

On-location transportation is not included in the price of the mission trip.  Feel free to book your own team’s vans, SUVs, or other transport. If you’d like Thirst Mission to arrange transportation, we’d be glad to do so for $29/person/day.

14. Are any ministry materials provided?

Ministry materials are up to the teams to provide. Examples would be curriculum for VBS, sports equipment for sports outreach, and so on. Guatemalan churches will have some resources that the group can use on a case-by-case basis. Most ministries require little in the way of materials. You can ask your missions consultant about suggestions for materials and ministry plans.

15. Are there any additional costs?

Besides your trip cost, the only things you’ll need money for are souvenirs, church offerings, extra snacks, and money for meals at the airport.

16. How do we pay for recreation?

Payment and reservations for upgraded recreation are made by your team before your time in Guatemala. Please work with your Thirst Missions Consultant or Trip leader to confirm your specific reservation.

17. Can you tell us about the food provided?

3 meals/day plus water, ice and snacks provided.  Breakfast would be served at the lodging location..  Lunch at our ministry sites.  Supper would be prepared by local cooks from the churches we partner with or restaurants in the area.

18. Can I stay in contact with people once I return home?

Yes! You can use Facebook and Instagram or email, call, or text just like you do with your friends back home. Staying in touch with new friends in Guatemala is such a blessing and benefit to going and serving.

19. What are some outreach ministry ideas?

Movie nights, worship celebrations, community meals, or sports tournaments are good outreaches. If you have good outreach ideas we are certainly happy to help you make them a reality! Check out our blog for more outreach ideas.

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