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Safety First

Safety - BelizeOn all Thirst Missions trips, safety is our first priority. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but over many years and thousands of participants traveling with Thirst Missions on trips, not one person has ever had a significant safety issue.

A few notes on safety:

• Belize is a Democracy and is safe and stable from a government perspective.

• Belizeans look up to and admire Americans. We have found that they naturally take care of people from North America and very much watch over our mission teams.

• Tourism, particularly on the cayes, is a part of their economy. So they take pride in the safety of foreigners.

• We travel in groups at all times, we sleep in the same building, and safety in numbers is a big safety factor.

Safety in Belize• We partner with local churches who watch out for our group. People from the church and community we partner with watch over us. They would be devastated if something happened to one of us. We are family and honored guests while we are there.

• We have Belizeans on our staff who are with the group during the whole trip. They have knowledge and experience in Belizean safety precautions and know the country very well.

• Our staff members have Belizean cell phones on them, know where the nearest hospitals are, and have plans in place for unique circumstances.

• All members on the trip have our Belizean trip leaders cell phone number in the unlikely case they would be separated from the group.

• We travel by bus, with a professional bus driver. We also have a Thirst Mission vehicle with each group in case there is a need for quick transportation to the nearest doctor or hospital.

• We rarely travel at night, if there is a risky time of day, it would be after dark.

• We suggest a 5-1 student to adult ratio. Overseeing and supporting our participants is a priority.

Belize Safety• Training is provided in regard to what the group members should eat and drink, what things they should be aware of in the environment and culture, and how to conduct themselves on the trip.

• We take care in trying to provide safe meals, snacks, and plenty of water to all trip members.

• Prayer. We can’t underestimate the power of prayer on each trip and for each person. We ask that each participant on the trip find at least 5 prayer partners to cover them in prayer during the trip.

We have many years of experience in Belize. We know how to travel, what to look out for, and how to handle things.

That being said, we have never had an issue and certainly endeavor to take every safety precaution with every group. Belize is a very safe country to travel to, especially as a group member. We pray that the Lord will bless our preparations and the precautions we take as we attempt to minister to the people of Belize and members of our group.

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"Any worry about raising funds, safety, food or the unexpected should completely dissolve. God was, is and will be present every hour of every day while serving in Belize. This trip will make you pray more earnestly, trust more completely and live more fully every day for Christ Jesus our Lord. And when you get home, you will feel incomplete if you don’t’ do the same."

Leah, Ridgecrest Baptist