Puerto Rico Recreation

During your mission trip you’ll be fully engaged in ministry–toward the end of your time on the island we’ll take the opportunity to relax, explore, and embrace the Puerto Rican culture.

Groups within a close enough proximity will drive to Old San Juan, the historic colonial section of the capital city of San Juan. Old San Juan is dotted with colorful churches, shops, inns, and spacious courtyards. You’ll have a few hours to explore and to visit El Morro, a 500-year-old Spanish fort with a spectacular view of the harbor, and then to grab a meal at a restaurant of your choosing.

We’ll take a short drive to a breathtaking beach with sparkling sand and inviting surf. You can relax in a chair under a palm tree, beachcomb, take a surfing lesson, or snorkel – or just close your eyes and bask in the warm Caribbean beach breeze.

When the sun sets we’ll find a more private area on or near the beach to have our trip’s closing meeting, worship, and prayer time as we praise God for all he has done on the trip.

*Recreation expenses are included in the price of all Thirst Missions trips. In Puerto Rico this includes transportation to the recreation sites, a meal at a restaurant on your last day,  and a beach experience. Anyone choosing to rent snorkel equipment or take a surfing lesson will need to pay for these options separately.


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