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You are interested in serving on a mission trip in the coming year. You may be entering into the planning process with some fear and trepidation and we don’t blame you. There is the question of safety and all of the logistics that will need to be lined up, not to mention the ministry you hope to accomplish: will it even be beneficial? There are plenty of options for you to choose from. Thirst Missions is here to offer you a straightforward process for planning. The 6 steps offered in this article will help you plan the most effective and stress-free mission trip your church has ever been on.

1. Choose a Location

First, decide where to serve: Alaska, Appalachia, Puerto Rico, or Belize.

Locations for Planning Thirst Missions Short-term Mission Trips

2. Register

Next, register your team right from Thirst Missions’ website! All you need in order to register is tentative dates, an estimated group size, and the group registration fee.

3. You’ve Got Mail!

Right away you will receive a confirmation email. Soon after, you will receive a Welcome Box in the mail with promotional materials and resources to help you get started on the next step…

4. Promote Your Mission Trip

Recruit your team to serve in your location and begin thinking through the ministry you would like to participate in. 

5. Connect With Consultant

Shortly after you register, your Location Consultant will connect with you to talk through ministry goals for your mission trip and begin the planning! 

6. Relax and Let Thirst Missions Handle the Logistics!

Finally, let us handle the rest! Our experienced team of short-term mission trip experts will keep your team safe, and set up all of the logistics for lodging, meals, and transportation. Not to mention, with the relationships we have built with church partners in each of our locations we can ensure that you will meet real needs in that community. Use our online Managed Missions portal to keep track of mission trip details. 

Don’t let the process of planning your short-term mission trip intimidate you and your church out of following the call to serve. Let us help you plan a life-changing and effective mission trip stress-free.

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