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By September 29, 2017Blog, Newsletter

Mission Highlights: Alaska

By Adam Swenson, Director of Alaska Operations

Day Camps for At-Risk Kids

Kids arrive gradually in rusted, dented cars. They’ve grown up too fast, seen too much at a young age. They’ve lacked stability, though their moms have loved as best they are able. Fathers have been another story.

But today they have a light in their eyes as they run off to find their buddy again, that person tasked with hearing this kid’s story and providing unconditional, Christlike love. And it’s working.

Today the 17-member mission team and 16 battered-but-not-broken kids will go to visit a yak farm, sing songs, hear Bible stories, and the kids will learn a little at a time that God loves them. They’ll learn that some people are OK to trust, and the Kingdom of God will come more fully to bear in a spiritually dark place.  

An Evening Outreach

A light, almost imperceptible rain falls as wispy clouds obscure the mountains on the horizon. The team has passed out many flyers for this outreach night and the church has promoted it from the pulpit, social media, and via word of mouth.

The bounce houses are set up, games prepped, the huge charcoal grill is hot, and the fire is built at the Athabascan meeting house at a church in Palmer, Alaska.

People trickle in, then arrive in bunches. Soon 120 people dot the church lawn, many here for the first time. Music rings out across the fields and woods. Sixty one school backpacks are given away and two kids bikes. Faces are painted while laughter permeates the space.

Voices are raised in worship and the pastor brings a message of hope, healing, and reconciliation to God. A dozen people raise their hands to accept Christ and are welcomed into a dynamic local church. Two new families will start attending this church.

There are many stories of God at work in Alaska from the summer of 2017–these are two of them. We invite you to partner with us in ministry in the Great Land in 2018. Please click here for more information.


Adam Swenson is the Director of Alaska Operations. When not at work, he’s typically disc golfing or watching Madam Secretary with his wife and daughter.  Adam has recently returned from Alaska where he was working and living for the summer.  He is excited to see how God will work there during this next season of ministry.


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