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Pleasant View Missionary Church

By January 13, 2016Blog

“If it is good it is from God”. These words spoken many times this week by Dr. Jeff Kephart, Regional Director of the East Central Region of the Missionary Church who joined Pleasant View Missionary Church and their team for 10 days of hard and wonderful work in Orange Walk Town Belize.

Good is from God. God is good. We saw many good God moments this week with our numerous projects and the supplies that always seemed to be “just enough”. I had the joy of working with this team during the duration of their stay in Belize. The smiles they brought to the church and school were countless. It was amazing to see the heart behind their mission and the passion to create not just relationships but disciples of the gospel – multiplying to the ends of the earth.

Projects that contributed to forming these relationships consisted of a Pastor’s Training, a Women’s Ministry Training, re-roofing a house, painting another house, residing a third, and building a shower and installing water in a fourth. Not to mention the work that was done within the school: passing out children’s school supplies, feeding over 250 school attendees and workers, and have another teacher’s luncheon and appreciation.

These were not just projects for the team. These were bonds formed with youth and children, lives of teacher’s touched, and change being made in the lives of those who they interacted with during the home projects.

Some favorite moments with the team members were going on the home visits. They saw tears of joy flow as they brought in items for the kitchen. Another team member loved seeing friends they made over the past four years. Still even more found joy in painting a house and seeing the transformation from drab concrete to a beautiful, inviting, blue and white home.

These small and seemingly short words do not begin to cover the impact left on my life or the lives within the church. As each equipped one another the bond that they had formed in the past continued to deepen. As the team returns they are excited about the church in Belize deepening their connections with one another and spreading their reach within the community by continuing ministries that were started while Pleasant View was here.

The team saw, I saw, and others saw the good that God was able to create by us listening to His discerning voice and following His lead. Both Pleasant View and their partner church in Belize were spurred on to continue investing in others, allowing God to move and use them according to His purpose.

We saw God working through bad circumstances to create good outcomes. We saw and felt the depth of His unfailing love for each one of us and were stirred to move in ways that continue to strengthen our faith upon our return home.


  • Diane Kress says:

    It was such a pleasure working with Elizabeth. She has such a heart for God. I believe with everything we had scheduled, we kept her pretty busy. Some amazing things happened on this trip, like times before. It is always good seeing our old friends again. It’s always hard to leave.

  • Ashley Binneboese says:

    Thank you Diane! Elizabeth had a wonderful time with you all and I loved seeing all the pictures. I love the relationship you all have with the people of ECC and Orange Walk.

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