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By May 10, 2016Blog


Let’s be honest. Are we the best at it?

There are so many around me that I can tell are better and praying consistently and encouraging one another through prayer. To be honest, that isn’t always me. I was reading a Proverbs 31 devotion recently where they used the term “recovering prayer wimp” I resemble this more than I want to admit.

Our staff is about to join together this week for training and preparing for the summer. Our time together will be spent in planning, preparing and most importantly praying for our teams and our staff as we are continuously blown away by what God does and is doing in the country of Belize in and through the Belizeans and our teams.

Why does prayer make a difference? Why should we pray? What does it matter? These questions and many others have each ran through our minds at different points in our lives. We question the validity, the ability to hear, and the ability to answer prayers. Whether we doubt or not, the point is the scriptures call us to pray, and to prayer. Jesus even gave us a prayer to say when we didn’t have words “The Lord’s Prayer”. Sometimes with prayer we go on autopilot and just say these words without thinking about the meaning.

Take a moment today and don’t just say the Lord’s Prayer as a race to finish and say you prayed but a deep meaningful, longing conversation with your Father in Heaven, who not only hears but cares for you needs, hopes, dreams and desires. I love, loving a God that is concerned not only with my obedience in Him but my joy that is found in Him and how He lavishly loves me despite my faults, frustrations, or failures. We can pray to a God who is without sin from a sinful place because His love covers all, redeems and restores all, and in that hope is found. Prayer is my connection to Him. With prayer we can feel at peace in the chaos. God is not negated when things are not answered on my terms or time. He is found in control, in the midst of it all.

Today take a moment and rekindle the love for conversation with him. It does not matter how long you have not prayed but the coming back to Him.

Many thoughts and prayers as you begin or continue this journey.

Elizabeth Barnard


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