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The Procrastinator Special (Yes, You can still do a Mission Trip this summer!)

By February 8, 2017Blog, Newsletter

By Adam Swenson, Director of Alaska Operations
It’s easy to put off planning a mission trip—we get that. As a pastor, you’ve got a lot of moving pieces: Christmas happens, there’s the January recovery, and before you know it the calendar reads February.

It’s important that you know there’s grace for procrastinators. We still have many needy (but awesome!) churches in Belize looking for partners this year. Your team will be doing vital kingdom work, and we will do all the planning.

7-day trips to Belize start at $735 and you choose your dates. If you choose the red package we prepare the ministries—all you have to do is get your team down to Belize (and we’ll help with flights)!


$500 off Red Package

Once in a while being a procrastinator has its benefits—this is one of those times. (The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese!) For teams who register in February for a 2017 Belize trip, we are offering a $500 group discount on a red package trip – details here.

Register today for a life-changing mission trip to Belize—use promo code #procrastinator.


Adam Swenson is the Director of Alaska Operations and the Director of Sales and Marketing. When not at work, he’s typically disc golfing or watching Madam Secretary with his wife and daughter.

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