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By August 31, 2017Blog, Newsletter

Updates, Prayers, and a Look Ahead: England

By Ashley Binneboese, Director of Administration, Director of England Operations

When you last heard from us, our England teams were heading home and we were preparing to head back to Minnesota.  What a blessed first year of ministry in England!  The three teams we had come and serve with us this year were such a blessing and encouragement to the local churches in London.  It is also very true that the US teams that came to serve were impacted by the London churches in the same way.  Through serving food and having conversations with the homeless, community BBQs, Kids Club, and worship services God worked and it was amazing.  Thanks be to God that we have teams already signing up for 2018 trips!  Interest to join Thirst in England is growing; people are recognizing the spiritual need in England and wanting to assist the local church however they can.  For us here at Thirst, it is a beautiful thing to see as England holds a special place in our hearts.


We had such an encouraging summer of ministry in England and our eyes were opened again to the severity of the continued spiritual need there.  Our church partners are praying for their neighbors and would love to have assistance as they do outreach, discipleship, evangelism, and serve those who need to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Through our summer teams we saw people in England who are ready and willing to engage in conversation with people from the US.  People are thirsting for community and a place to belong.  We want to help them get connected with the churches in England!  These congregations are ready to grow, are you ready to join them?  We are now offering year round options in England and we hope you will join us with a group of 10+ people.  Call our office for more information or register here today!

Here are some current prayer requests we have for our ministry in England.  Thank you for your prayers, they mean the world!

  • Our London church partners as they finish up Holiday and return to the school year
  • Youth groups to grow
  • More teams will join us as we continue to serve in England


Ashley Binneboese is the Director of England Operations and the Director of Administration at Thirst Missions. In her spare time she enjoys baking, playing violin, and spending time with her husband.


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