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What People Are Saying

By April 21, 2014August 4th, 2015Blog

When teams participate in a short-term missions trip with Thirst Missions we ask them to fill out a survey. We have compiled some of the survey answers so enjoy checking them out!


All of the ministries were important to Brother Ramon’s church. However, the one that I believe will probably have the greatest impact was the Mercy Ministries. As we prayer walked through the village, we prayed with church members we visited. Relationships were built. Also, we visited church members and we were invited into other homes to pray for family members. (LeAnne) East Leesville Baptist ChurchI absolutely loved working with and getting to know the kids through church services, soccer games, and especially Vacation Bible School. I can’t even express how much those kids mean to me. I could’ve spent the whole week just hanging out with the people of Guinea Grass and I would’ve been completely happy!
(Maggie) First Congregational UCC
I felt that the work projects and the VBS were the biggest impact. We really worked hard together on the projects and saw the hearts of our group pour into the children at VBS. (Greg) John Knox PresbyterianVBS – 140 students the first day (200 by the end of the week) I saw students praying for sick relatives and them testifying that God healed them. Door to door invitations – People listened, some were healed, and others came to church.
(Stacey) Christ Triumphant Church
The construction had the most impact on me. However, the outreaches to the congregation had the most impact on them.
(Risa) Hillside Community ChurchI think that the home visits had the most impact on, not only the area, but also everyone visiting the homes. The people we visited one on one with, seemed to be more connected while we were talking to them than at any other time. Having that one on one impacted those of us visiting the homes because it helped us get to know the people personally and understand their struggles and what held them back.
(Amber) Oak Ridge Baptist Church
VBS was very well received, and also reached into the local schools where we could minister as well. Construction also had a huge impact on Pastor’s family and church, doubling and improving his family’s living quarters, which is opened up to the church family as well.
(Rebecca) First Baptist Church of Crystal River


Seeing the love of Jesus EVERYWHERE! 
(Raelynn)  West Side Church
I loved any time that I spent with the kids of the village.  There is no greater joy than seeing their smiles!  I loved VBS and I also really enjoyed the church services because everyone in the village and at the church were so amazingly welcoming.  I loved getting to know Amir and Ismael as well…they are the greatest leaders we ever could ask for!
(Maggie)  First Congregational UCC
Team building and getting to know the amazing Thirst staff members.  Partnering with and supporting Pastor Diaz
and others in the church.  Seeing God work through our testimonies and time with the children and neighbors.  Home visits with members of the congregation, learning about their lives and stories.
(Joshua)  First Baptist Church of Amherst
Too many to list…The people; our team growing closer together; Polin, Luda & Jessica; MaMa & PaPa cooking for us and sharing their lives with us; meeting my interpreter and her sensing the call of God on her life;  praying with others;  seeing VBS grow every day; encouraging Pastor and Ramon and Rosa.
(Rhonda)  East Leesville Baptist Church
God’s timing that worked perfectly around Belizean time. Truthfully, the whole week was amazing.  I’ve been on some mission trips
and came home not understanding my role there.  This one I went wondering my role and came home understanding God’s intent for missions or “Go Ye” so much better.  I am intent on going back!  God’s Will!!!
(Leith)  Bethlehem Baptist
Watching my team “blossom” and the two churches bonding and forming a partnership.
(Jo Ann)
First Baptist Church
The highlight was that there weren’t any low points, no disappointments.  Most everything went well and met my
(Matt)  John Knox Presbyterian


The people of the church couldn’t have been more welcoming!  I could really feel the Holy Spirit at work
in the church. The people are so hungry for God.  It touched me very deeply.  The pastor and his wife were awesome.
(Karen) First Church of God
The partnerships were very well organized and helped foster meaningful, long-term relationships.
(Dave) Newman Hall at Cal Berkeley
We were greeted with open arms and hearts.  Pastor Ramon, his family, and the congregation treated us as if we were part of their family and community.
(LeAnne)  East Leesville Baptist Church
This was a wonderful partnerships with a loving and welcoming church; one can see the church’s desire to truly reach the people of San Antonio and be the light of Christ.  The pastor and his family, in particular, were wonderfully fun and welcoming, but also honest and raw about the struggles of ministry and life in Belize.
(Joshua)  First Baptist Church of Amherst
They were absolutely unbelievable.  They showed the love of God outweighs any challenge.  They are kind of like Paul. They go around and start churches in a village and then move on to the next one when they feel that the time is right.
(Taylor) Colonial Hills Baptist Church
They were so amazing and giving.  I feel like they did more for me than I could ever do for them.
(Hannah)  West Side Church
I felt the church we partnered with taught us a lot.  Especially, they modeled the humble, loving, fun, Christian life.
(Laurel) West Side Church


Our staff members were phenomenal; they were both very spiritual and proved to be excellent leaders. All the logistics were taken care of very well – we didn’t have to worry about much at all. They were just fantastic to work with.  They are such devoted Christians and joyful to work with!!!! (Jeanne)  Hillside Community Church

They were great.  Very helpful and they let us design our trip as we felt led.
(Andrea) Broadway United Methodist Church
They were incredible – very accommodating, servant-hearted, encouraging (Rhonda) East Leesville Baptist ChurchThe staff members were knowledgeable and accommodating.  They paved the way for a successful mission trip and were very encouraging throughout the week.

(Dana) East Leesville Baptist Church

They were wonderful. Always taking care of whatever we needed and treating us like we’re their
(Emily)  Oak Ridge Baptist Church


He enabled us with patience and love for others.  We were able to give so many blessings and we
were given back as much!  (Shawna)  Pleasant View Missionary Church
I was able to go into the community and witness one on one.  I helped with the painting of the church and bathroom area.  I connected with the women’s group and came away with new sense of service for the Lord.  They wanted to know what we could teach them, but the truth is they taught me more than I could ever teach them.  They are so on fire for God that I felt ashamed for the small amount I do when I have so much more to work with as well as resources.  I praise the Lord for putting me in Yo Creek!
(Karen) First Church of God
We were pushed outside of our comfort zone.  God helped us to teach, share and hopefully
touch the hearts of the local people.
(Dori)  Hillside Community Church
To temporarily ease the suffering and deprivation we witnessed. 
(Janine)  Roxboro Baptist Church
In many ways, He was glorified through the growth of our team members and the way they saw their own potential to be God’s hands and feet in the world.  He was glorified in the testimonies and love of our team poured out to children and neighbors, and God truly blessed us by surrounding us by faithful people laboring in a difficult area.
(Joshua)  First Baptist Church of Amherst
He used me be His hands and feet.  God said, “If you clothe the naked, you clothe me.  If you feed the hungry, you serve me. He used me by also just showing what God’s love looks like.
(Andrew)  John Knox Presbyterian
God took all of my fears and showed me that all that He has planned is greater than my fears of how others will see me or what I am scared to do in general.  He used that to bring me to people that needed to hear about Him while we were on the mission trip. 
(Amber)  Oak Ridge Baptist Church


Not a thing….perfect!! (Cherri) Pleasant View Missionary Church!
I would be less nervous and more open.  (Kelsey) First Baptist Church of Crystal River
I would stay longer.
(Diana) University of California Berkeley – Newman Hall
I would bring more to give away. (Rhonda)  East Leesville Baptist Church
After arriving home, I feel completely joyful about the work I did in Belize.  I feel fully fulfilled. No regrets.
(Andrew)  John Knox Presbyterian


It makes me want to do more mission trips, and less vacations.  They seem so empty by comparison-vacations that is.  Combining missions with seeing another part of the world is very satisfying.
(Linda) John Knox Presbyterian
It makes me aware of how much I am blessed with and nowhere near as thankful as I should be.  I was so blessed by the generosity of the people who have so little. (Sherry) Pleasant View Missionary Church
I feel the need to keep investing myself there, like God isn’t finished with my work there, I am looking at and planning for a future that doesn’t revolve around myself and my own church, but is expanded.
(Rebecca)  First Baptist Church of Crystal River
This trip has opened my eyes to a new way of living.  I learned from the people I met how to live a life of dependence and faith in God and to live out my faith through my interactions with and love for others.
(Dave)  Newman Hall at Cal Berkeley
It has humbled me and shown me that if you have God, you can be happy no matter the circumstances.
(Mackenzie)  First Baptist Church Amherst
I could really see God at work through His people and felt that this is a glimpse of what heaven is like with the love that was demonstrated.
(Gregg)  John Knox Presbyterian


I think the staff members did an awesome job.  They were kind, helpful, informative and most of all “flexible”. Wouldn’t change a thing.
(Karen) First Church of God
Zero. You guys have a great ministry and it is led sharply from the offices of Minnesota all the way to the dusty roads of Belize.
(Kenneth)  Commissioned Church


Best, most organized, most meaningful missions trip that I have been on.
(Cherri) Pleasant View Missionary Church
Overall, it was a wonderful trip and I am so glad that I was a part of it. I feel so blessed.  Thank you.
(Judy)  Church of God Rock Crusher
I can’t wait to return.
(LeeAnne)  East Leesville Baptist Church
Thirst Missions is an incredible group and they took great care of us.
(Noah)  Westside Church
I can’t imagine the magnitude of planning and preparing to pull off a summer of church groups, but thanks for all that you guys do.  What a blessing you all are to our church and to the mission of God!
(Kenneth) Commissioned Church

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