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Prayer Requests for Our Locations

By Adam Swenson (Director of Alaska Operations) and Ashley Binneboese (Director of England Operations)

Our busiest season of the year is upon us and we’re excited to be here! We’re so thankful for our local church partners in Alaska, Belize, and England as well as our staff and wonderful teams that serve with us. Our daily lives should be filled with prayer and communication with our Lord and it is at this time we have specific ways you can pray for Thirst as we begin our summer. As the Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 5:17, your continual prayers are a blessing and needed. At 9:15 every morning at work we pray as a staff for our partners in mission, you, who we are so grateful for and blessed to know. If you would like to partner with us in prayer, here are some ways you can lift us up–thank you!


  • Ministry OptionsStrength, courage, and steadfastness for all our staff as we lead teams in many challenging areas. There is great opportunity for growth for those on the teams, but also for our staff.
  • Pray for unity among the 15 teams coming, pray for effective ministry, and pray that they will see a greater vision of God’s work in a faraway place that they can take back with them.
  • We are very excited to be starting our mission in Alaska in what is maybe the most high need area in the state, the Mountainview neighborhood in Anchorage. Please keep this first mission trip in prayer.
  • Our teams are doing a very wide variety of ministries this summer.  Please pray that our teams will be able to effectively communicate God’s love in word and in our actions.
  • Perhaps the steepest mountain to climb in all of this is the logistics.  The details, while sometimes onerous, are important and need to be there for the ministries to happen as they should. So keep all of that in prayer too!
  • For Adam and his family (Maureen and Katja) as they live in Alaska for the summer in an RV, working and overseeing Thirst Missions-Alaska.  




  • The season of summer teams has begun. Please be in prayer for final preparations for each team.
  • Staff members as they work hard to support each trip and partner church.
  • Interns as they adjust to the summer temperature and all the new things they will learn about Belize.
  • Our partner, Cottage Farm, as they continue to build cabins.
  • Our partner, Hopewell, as they enter a new phase in their development as a functional farm, and children’s home.
  • US/Canadian teams to choose to sign up and join with the churches in Belize that still need partners.
  • US/Canadian teams as they finish final preparations. Prayers for safe travel.
  • That God would soften hearts and prepare the way for teams to share the good news of Jesus  Christ.
  • That God will strengthen marriages in Belize.
  • That the teams can help the churches in Belize as they try to reach more of the men in their villages.
  • That all church partners in Belize, the US, and Canada would be an encouragement to each other.


  • England ProfileWisdom as we pull together the final logistics for our summer teams.
  • Our church partner, Cross Street, as they have a need for an intern to help with their youth program.
  • Our church partner, New River, as they prepare for VBS with their partner team.
  • US/Canadian teams to choose to work in London in 2018. We have wonderful churches waiting for a partner.
  • Protection as the teams travel.
  • That God would prepare people for conversations about Jesus Christ and give team members the grace to step out in faith when meeting new people.

Adam Swenson is the Director of Alaska Operations and the Director of Sales and Marketing. When not at work, he’s typically disc golfing or watching Madam Secretary with his wife and daughter.

Ashley Binneboese is the Director of England Operations and the Director of Administration at Thirst Missions. In her spare time she enjoys baking, playing violin, and spending time with her husband.

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