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By July 31, 2017Blog, Newsletter

Why VBS Matters and Helpful Tips When Running One

By Melissa Nelson, Administrative Assistant

In my house, tucked between a couple books in my nightstand, there is a faded, little blue “Bible Passport”.  A memento from one hot, sticky week back in my kindergarten days.  That time was spent filling it with verses, stickers and undoubtedly a few graham cracker crumbs.  My best friend came with me, which was a true novelty, since she did not regularly attend church.  We sang loudly, recited memory verses, drank lemonade from little Dixie cups and delighted in knowing God further.

To have the opportunity to attend VBS as a child, is to have the chance to see and learn about God in a new way.  These are not sleepy-eyed mornings of Sunday school, but an exuberant, week-long celebration of faith.  Even the shyest, most timid of little ones cannot ignore the surge of joy and community.  All this is done, whilst simultaneously providing a knowledge base of faith and salvation.  

For myself, seeing my son partake in VBS, is like witnessing the culmination of so many whispered prayers of hope for his future.  Seeing how much faith can be inside one little body is like witnessing trust unbridled, joy overwhelming and a love gone fearless.   

When you bring VBS to a church or community you give them that gift.  The gift of a future for a child that otherwise might not know God.  The gift of hope for those children in need of help or support.  The gift of faith that can be the foundation for a lifelong relationship with Christ.  Most important you give the gift of an unending, unconditional love.  

Wondering what you can do to run a great VBS in another country? Here are some helpful hints from our many years of experience.

  1. Use curriculum and games that you know. What VBS did your church do this summer? That is the perfect place to start. Your team will lead better if they know the material.
  2. Simplify your crafts. They don’t need to be extravagant; they do need to point to Jesus.
  3. For games remember 3 things: Soccer balls, bubbles, and water balloons.
  4. Come prepared. Assign each person on your team a role ahead of the trip. Let that person take on those responsibilities, they are ready.
  5. Bring name tags. You’ll be glad that you did!

We invite you to join us by bringing that gift of love to Belize, England, and Alaska in 2018. Your VBS doesn’t have to be perfect to bring hope and encouragement to our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Register here today!

Melissa Nelson is an Administrative Assistant at Thirst Missions.  She is also a wonderful mom, wife, and friend and a talented writer. She brings joy to others by posting excerpts of daily life in her home on Facebook.

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