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By July 31, 2017Blog, Newsletter

Prayer Requests for Our Locations

By Adam Swenson (Director of Alaska Operations) and Ashley Binneboese (Director of England Operations)

Thank you for your support through prayer, we really appreciate it!  If you would like to continue praying for us, here are some ways you can do so.  Thank you!


  • One team is ministering with a small church on the outskirts of Wasilla. That church is in a neighborhood that is tough to reach out to, so they are doing a program called “Center Shot,” an archery program with spiritual lessons incorporated. Archery is huge up here, and that program has proven to be an effective way to connect people to the local church.
  • Our second team is ministering with youth from Wasilla doing a mobile day camp and a VBS in a public park to get outside the four walls of a church building! Pray for neighborhood kids who are not church attenders to participate.
  • Our third August team will be doing outreach ministry, helping a church finish their teaching and meeting space downstairs, teaching art classes, and doing a meditative trip up to Hatcher’s Pass, one of the most scenic mountain drives in Alaska.
  • Our fourth August team will be partnering with Dream Center, an amazing residential rehab program with locations for men and women. The team will be focused on doing spiritual gifts assessments for the residents and staff and doing some major service projects including finishing a huge wood shop that the men can use to learn job skills and build woodcrafts that are sold to help fund the center.


  • Prayer that our teams would finish the summer strong!  The summer is our busiest time in Belize as far as mission trips go and we are excited to see how God works in August.
  • As our teams joining us this Fall dive into preparations,  you can pray for them.  Preparing for ministry on a mission trip takes discernment, creativity, and time.  Prayers of encouragement for those teams would be great!
  • Prayers also for a record year for teams signing up to support our church partners in Belize.  We have many great churches in Belize who are still looking to be partnered with a US or Canadian church.  Prayers that the right connections would be made!


  • Quite a few new contacts were made during ministry events this week in England.  Prayers that those new faces would come to church next Sunday and get plugged in to the local church community in London.
  • Prayers for the pastor’s and church members as they take the time to follow up with those new contacts.  Prayers also for creative ways to stay connected or reach out again to those new faces.
  • Prayers for US and Canadian churches to understand the spiritual needs in England and that they would sign up to serve with Thirst.

If you would like to learn more about what we are doing in Alaska, Belize, and England just contact us today.  If you are ready to join us on mission, just register here.

Adam Swenson is the Director of Alaska Operations and the Director of Sales and Marketing. He loves to catch salmon and nap on rocky streambanks in his downtime.

Ashley Binneboese is the Director of England Operations and the Director of Administration at Thirst Missions. In her spare time she enjoys baking, playing violin, and spending time with her husband.

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