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Who We Are – The History of Thirst Missions

Missions, the world’s leader
in short-term mission trips to Belize, is committed to leading high
quality mission trips for every group. We take care of all the logistics and planning so your group can focus
on ministry and relationships.
On each trip, Thirst Missions has a staff of 2-4 who are with your
taking care of logistics and guiding your group through the whole trip.
It is our goal to partner with you to provide
opportunities for your group to minister, to keep everyone safe, to
guide the trip in cultural areas,
and to serve your group by taking care of all the behind-the-scenes

We have led hundreds of trips since its inception, from most
of the 50 States and Canada, comprising many denominations. In 2013
alone we led 50 separate mission trips to Belize.

Thirst Missions, LLC is led by Jason Pfingsten, Founder and CEO. Jason
has been leading mission trips to Belize since 1991 and full-time since
2003. Thirst Missions was founded in 2008 to focus specifically on the
country of Belize. Jason fell in love with the people and culture of
Belize while in college at the University of Northwestern – St Paul
(’92) and has been overseeing short-term mission teams to Belize ever
since. “I invite you to bring your group to Belize and join us in our
effort to minster throughout the country of Belize. You will partner
with local churches and have the opportunity to choose the ministries
you’d like to participate in. Our prayer is that your group will be as
blessed as the local churches will be whom you minister to and partner
with during your trip. Our team invites you to come and serve alongside

Jason and his wife Addie live in Forest Lake, MN with their three girls,
Mallory (9), Marissa (5) and Julia (2). They keep busy in ministry and
at church, have a passion for travel, spending time with family,
attending their children’s numerous activities, and following the
Minnesota Gophers hockey team and the Green Bay Packers.



Our office is located in Forest Lake, MN. Ashley Binneboese
is the Office Manager and oversees the registration and trip
preparation, amongst many other things, for all our groups. You’ll most
likely have contact early and often with Ashley after you have
registered for a trip. Carolyn Skaar oversees our bookkeeping and
miscellaneous ministry projects.

In Belize, Angel Castillo is the Director of Ministry Operations. Angel is a pastor
in Orange Walk, Belize and spends most of his time overseeing the ministry in Belize and
leading trips. Amircar Fernandez is the Missions Coordinator and lives in Yo Creek, Belize.
Besides leading trips, Amicar works every week setting up trips, finding new ministry locations,
and following up on recent trips. The other Thirst Missions trip leadership staff includes: Perla Fernandez, Ludimir Nah,
Glorie Cawich, Tiburcio “Tibs” Fernandez, and Elizabeth Barnard. These trip leaders have a great amount
of experience leading mission trips and traveling in the country of Belize. Most are Belizean themselves.
Their faith, hard work, care for people, knowledge of the country and leadership ability are second to none.

We hope that you feel blessed by your trip leader and our leadership staff on your
mission trip to Belize. It is our goal to serve your team and to provide as amazing a mission
trip as possible, while meeting your goals for the trip and blessing the local church you’ll
be partnered with. The staff of Thirst Missions invites you to join them in fulfilling
the Great Commission to a country in great need of Jesus Christ. As you do so, you will
be a blessing to the Belizeans and each of your group members will be greatly blessed.

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  • William Alexander Reyes says:

    To whom it may concern,
    Hey blessings. I’ve been reading and seeing this Thirst missions logos in O.w Belize for a while now and we are expecting a group to visit my church in Orange walk Belize in August / July. But it also sounds intresting the info of who you are. And I imagine how good and blessings would it be to be part of this group. My father -in -law is the pastor at our church. Im a Taxi driver as profession at the moment I have many advantages of being a good part of a group like yours to assist in facilitating you with getting to places I believe I have a good character to deal with public I am bi-lingual. Is there any need for more persons to be part of your mission’s activity in Belize? Id be intrested. I would be awaiting for a favourable answer thanks for your time.

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